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Big Tech Sisters

Israel Growth Partners (IGP), in collaboration with Iron Nation, is offering a sponsorship program where large and mid-sized tech companies will support early-stage startups to weather the storm inflicted by the war.  

Our Services

  • Business and Strategy

    • Help in building strategy, execution plan in these challenging days

    • Assistance in making critical f2f meetings and attendance of conferences abroad​

    • Ad-hoc partnerships for supporting scale-up

  • Marketing

    • Specific, pin-point assistance with messaging to customers and investors.​

  • Product, R&D, IT​

    • Specific, pin-point consultation with domain experts, e.g., DevOps, etc.​

    • Consulting on PLM, Cost Saving, Best Practices 

    • Coaching the leadership

  • Corporate - HR/Legal/Procurement

    • Support to employees and management activities

    • Updated labor legislation, etc..

Companies willing to Help and Support

Starting with portfolio companies

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