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Connect to Success: Michigan-Israel Partnership for Global Growth


The Michigan Israel Business Accelerator (MIBA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to propelling Michigan's economy by connecting Israeli companies with key sectors and experts in industry, government, and academia. 

Michigan advantages for Israeli companies launching  to/expanding in the U.S.

  • COMPETITIVENESS: Business-friendly environment and low cost of doing business.

  • NETWORK: Tier 1 corporations, investors, suppliers, and acceleration programs.

  • ACCESS: 800 KM  to  half the US and Canadian population and commerce centers.  

  • TALENT: Elite pool and highest concentration of engineers in the US.


Michigan’s a powerhouse for innovation and industry

  • Mobility: Michigan is ranked #1 in the US for automotive manufacturing with over 900 manufacturing facilities, a high concentration of OEMs, top-tier talent, and a robust testing infrastructure. 

  • Defense: Michigan ranks 1st in the US for military vehicle production, leading to $31 billion in economic activity and housing crucial defense centers like Detroit Arsenal and Ground Vehicle Systems Center. It's an aerospace and defense education hotspot.

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Nearly 20% of Michigan's GDP stems from manufacturing, boasting a massive workforce and pioneering Industry 4.0 initiatives.

  • Health Tech: Michigan excels in life sciences with a strong R&D ecosystem, ranked as a top 10 spot for medical device tech, Medical Mile's billion-dollar hub, and a significant concentration of healthcare-related businesses and educational institutions.

  • Food & AgTech: The state's diverse crops, fertile land, and abundant freshwater yield $104.7 billion annually, employing over a million people.

  • Sustainability: Michigan is committed to sustainability, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. Aligned with the US Climate Alliance, it invests in sustainable business parks and targets 100% renewable energy use in state facilities by 2025.

MIBA No Cost Services

  • OFFICE SPACE:  The Elevator, powered by the MIBA, is the first landing zone in the US, exclusively to assist Israeli companies rapid growth to the US. This no-cost, state-of-the-art office space offers a US mailing address,  dedicated or on-demand desks and conference rooms.

  • CURATED MATCHMAKING & COMMUNITY EVENTS:  Ability to leverage our extensive business relationships to connect with a thriving community of Israeli and Michigan businesses. Gain access to customers, suppliers, and professional services, expediting your path to success.

  • EXPORT SERVICES: Streamline your global outreach with our comprehensive export services tailored to amplify your international market presence.​

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