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Nurami, a diverse Israeli startup improves post-surgical healing using nanofibers and biomaterials surgical implants and sealants. Nurami received FDA approval and is now implementing its product at six medical centers in the USA.

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Greeneye dramatically reduce chemical usage while increasing productivity and profitability for farmers. Greeneye is successfully selling its solution to farmers is the USA.

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video button.jpg AI search at warp speed! Real-time, 10x faster, and cost-effective. Transforming recommendation systems, fraud detection, e-commerce, and more.

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Algaeing cutting-edge biotechnology decarbonizes the textile industry. Its toxic-free, sustainable algae-based dyes reduce environmental impact while meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly fabric solutions and scalable manufacturing.

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With vision is a world where everyone belongs to a supportive, sustainable, and collaborative community. At its heart lies a simple operating system for any organization that prioritizes collaboration and engagement around social, financial, and environmental purposes.

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buywith is the next generation of shopping TV. Using our SaaS video commerce solution, e-commerce sites can engage with audiences and increase sales through influencer-led, live shopping events that generate shoppable video snippets.

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UltraSight's AI Real-Time Guidance software assists medical professionals in acquiring cardiac ultrasound images, regardless of their level of sonography proficiency, at the patient’s point of care. UltraSight’s software has FDA 510(k) Clearance to assist medical professionals in performing cardiac ultrasound scans and is being implemented in top healthcare systems in the USA.

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